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Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Mobile Gimbal


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  • Description

    Driven by Zhiyun's core belief 'everyone can be a filmmaker', the ZHIYUN Smooth-Q2 is an affordable, pro-performance, real pocket-sized gimbal suitable for day to day filmmaking.

    Built from aerospace grade aluminum alloy material, SMOOTH-Q2‘s arm and motor have greatly improved in its durability and reliability, with enhanced texture. SMOOTH-Q2 is designed as a truly compact device to withstand heavy load with higher stability and better performance producing better image quality. Although the material is improved, but Q2's weight is reduced to 380g (excluding battery).SMOOTH-Q2 is naturally small but with pro-performance and better stability.

    Smooth-Q2 is the pocket size mobile gimbal device by ZHIYUN with a trendy yet minimalistic design. With reduced size, the smooth silicon casing gives Smooth-Q2 a comfortable grip when you need to hold it for a long time. With Smooth-Q2, you can now record your life anytime, anywhere.

    Smooth Q2 simplified all the controls to one LED indicator, two buttons and one 5 way control joystick, which is intuitive and convenient without much learning cost. The common ¼’’ screw thread fitting makes Q2 compatible to most add-on accessories in the market. Combining the new vertical shooting function, it is versatile and convenient for vlog and live broadcast. Plus a sleek cylinder-shape body, Q2 can balance by itself (with phone mounted) without Tripod.

    Furthermore, Smooth-Q2 the most user friendly gimbal. Smooth-Q2 supports your native phone camera app via Bluetooth connection, with 1 sec quick install clip with pre phone balance, Smooth-Q2 is functional just out of the pocket. With Zhiyun's advanced technology, SMOOTH-Q2 can control IOS and Android native camera via Bluetooth connection without using the ZY Play APP.

    Use ZY Play APP with your smartphone to unlock different filming mode. ZY Play APP offers a plethora of features such as intuitive editing function and various manual settings such as ISO and shutter speed. With such a powerful creative tool, you can achieve DSLR quality shots with your phone.

    The SMOOTH-Q2's motor durability has improved significantly with a maximum payload of 260g. Additionally, with its improved durability, Q2's motor can work 3000 hours continuously.

    Smooth-Q2's battery life is able to work for 16 hours continuously under normal filming condition which is 30% longer than previous generation. In addition, Smooth-Q2 has a micro-USB port that allows it to work as power bank to charge your cellphone. So you will never have to worry about missing any important moments in life. Moreover, Q2 uses a common 21700 lithium ion rechargeable battery that powers Q2 seamlessly. It can be taken out separately for charging through a charging device. At the same time, other 21700 batteries can also be used (however, we do recommend you to use the original batteries provided by us inside Q2).

  • Multimodes

    Smooth Q2 supports 360 degrees of rotation and has 3-axis stabilization, containing a Tilt motor, a Roll motor and a Pan motor. These allows Smooth-Q2 to create a lot of crazy preset movement to make your video more enjoyable to watch. Overall, Q2 is the perfect mobile gimbal for both film experts and amateur, allowing you to explore unlimited possibilities that you can achieve with your mobile phone.

    Time Lapse, Motion Lapse & Hyper Lapse

    Smooth-Q2 has advanced time lapse, motion lapse and hyper lapse functions that can capture and seize time which enchants you in the beauty of time travel.

    POV Shot

    Smooth-Q2 offers a full-range POV mode for 360°synchronous movement on all three axes smoothly which offers an immersive experience.

    Object/Person Tracking

    SMOOTH-Q2 provides advanced object tracking function locking the person/object after it is selected. Minimal delay makes SMOOTH-Q2 always ready and remain steady.

    Dolly Zoom

    With Smooth-Q2, you no longer need professional filming equipment to achieve that cinematic effect. Q2 allows you to create the famous Hitchcock dolly zoom effect with your mobile device.

    Vortex Mode
    SMOOTH-Q2 has advanced Vortex Mode built-in which gives filmmakers the freedom to create infinite 360-degree barrel shots.

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