YoloLiv Instream Vertical Live Streaming Encoder and Monitor

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YoloLiv Instream Vertical Live Streaming Encoder and Monitor


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  • Overview

    Add multi-camera streaming to your Instagram, TikTok, and other livestream services with the YoloBox Instream Vertical Live Streaming Encoder and Monitor from YoloLiv. The Instream features native integration with Instagram and TikTok, and it is designed to allow you to use external cameras when streaming, which you cannot normally do when streaming from the Instagram app on your phone as the app doesn't allow it. However, the Instream allows you to select and switch between three external cameras while using the Instagram app.

    In addition to multi-cam streaming over a variety of platforms, the Instream allows you to add graphic overlays, picture-in-picture, chroma key, and use transition effects when switching camera inputs. Stream at up to 1080p60 using the H.264 codec and record to an optional SD card. Featuring a 7" LCD touchscreen display, two HDMI and one USB-A input, and one HDMI output for viewing your stream on a local device. The Instream doesn't neglect audio as it has a line-level audio input as well as mic input and a headphone jack for direct audio monitoring.

    Software Updates

    • Instream v1.6.0 – Web URL Overlay, Auto-Switching, and Built-In App Updates
    • Instream v1.4.0 – Major Improvements & NEW App Built-In (Facebook vertical, Zoom, Capcut built-in added)
    • Instream v1.1.0- Horizontal-to-Vertical Video Flip, New Multi-view Layouts, Zoom App & SD Card Audio Optimized

    Touchscreen Control

    The Instream provides you with a touchscreen interface for easy streaming and control.

    Streaming Platforms

    Major streaming platforms such as Instagram & TikTok are directly integrated in the Instream device. You can simply login to your social account and stream. The Instream supports RTMP and RTMPS streaming for compatibility with many livestreaming services.


    The Instream works as a switcher with a variety of picture-in-picture templates as well as graphic layers. It has a built-in encoder that allows for live streaming, and it can record to optional SD cards.

    Three Ways to Connect

    • Wi-Fi
    • 4G LTE
    • Ethernet

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